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Meet the Labradoodle puppies bred by Colony Breeders


"He is such a wonderful dog and fits
perfectly in our family!  He is so sweet and just loves people. What can I say
other than he is an awesome dog!"


"We're very impressed at how gentle he is with young children and how friendly he is with people in general - he gets a lot of compliments. We go for walks three times a day and Jester's very proud of his growing collection of great sticks that he finds when we're out and about."       Owner - Melodie and David


"Things are going great with Harley. He is
very smart and very loved. He sleeps through the night and is very
close to being house trained. We are
grateful" -
Owners The McClures


"We are having a great time with Maggie.  She is getting so big so fast!  She is a great dog for our family.  We have had so many comments about how pretty, friendly, and well behaved she is.  The kids just adore her!  She is such a funny little thing, and very brave (except at the vet's office).  Hope you have a great 2008!" - Owners The McNeals

Dusty's Litter on Dec 2

Mia, Lucy and Sadie

"This is our girls first birthday.  They are great.  We love them.  They about 50lbs and very smart." - Owners The Osburns

Taylor and Addison

"Here is Taylor and Addison!!!  We are so happy to have them part of our family. They are the best doggies!! Very smart and well behaved!!!!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!" - Owners Laura and Treva


"We love our new puppy. She is still working on housebreaking, but she
is crate-trained already. She has the best personality and we clearly
feel like she was meant for us." - Owners Kim, Dave, Lindsay, and Chelsea


"He especially loves to play with our grandchildren and ride to
town with us in the car. He already knows how to sit, go upstairs, walk
nicely with us on his leash, and most importantly, he is house broken!
We are so happy to have him."  - Owners Marco and Lucille


"We just love Paco!  Thank you so much for a wonderful dog.  He has a wonderfully calm temperament.  He loves to roll over on his back.  No matter where he is he just falls down on his back for us to rub his tummy!" 

"He continues to bring much joy to our lives. he is a very happy dog." - Owners Anne and Carlos


"We love our dog.  She is excellent with our 3 year old daughter, and a great family pet." - Owners Sabrina, Larissa, Tammy & Delton


"We just love her so much, and she's growing so fast. " - Owners Bill and Jan



"She is doing very well and is very smart.  She now sits, stays, and lays down on command." - Owners Charlie and Paul


Owner Carole

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