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Meet the Goldendoodle puppies bred by Colony Breeders


"She is a wonderful dog; sweet, unbelieveably smart, a tease and very protective of me. Lives to play ball, loves everyone who comes to the house and provides us with unlimited enjoyment. 
Anyone who adopts a puppy from Roulette/Gentry will be very happy, I am sure." Owner - Jan Sipiora 


"We took her through puppy obedience classes and she was the most outgoing/quickest learner in the group. My wife and I marvel at how smart she is and how quickly she learns what she can and cannot do. Chloe is a sweetie and we love her very much." Owner - Jerry


"He is almost three months and already knows how to come, sit, lay down, speak, shake hands and go to his house. Toby is also a great swimmer and loves to fetch. Toby was very easy to potty train and loves to go for rides in the car." Owner - Frank


"Everywhere we go with Ziggy, people want to know where we got such a cute and well-behaved puppy.  So we tell them. The is the best dog that we've ever had ...intelligent, playful" Owners - Pam and