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 Labradoodles enjoy almost no shedding and very little in the way of necessary grooming.  These two traits are some of the benefits of the Poodle/Labrador cross.  Poodles have a great temperament, however they do require constant grooming.  Labradors also have a tremendous temperament, but they shed.  The Labradoodle cross creates benefits from both sides while retaining the great people oriented temperament of both breeds.

 The coats of Labradoodles vary with some being more straight in nature and others being much more curly and some in between.  The curly puppies tend to have longer ringlets rather than the tight curl of poodles.  Some people prefer the curly Labradoodles while others prefer the more straight type of coat.

 We do recommend that you come and spend some time with the puppies to view the different appearances and temperaments of these adorable puppies.  It is not unusual for families to spend an hour or more just getting to know the puppies and we feel that this time is a necessary part of choosing a new part of your family.