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Several years ago in the late 70'S a trainer for the Royal Guide Dogs Association crossed a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle in the attempt to create an allergy friendly dog for a buyer with severe allergy's.

The trainer, Wally Conran, called his creation the Labradoodle. He went on to breed Labradoodles to Labradoodles which he called DoubleDoodles and DoubleDoodles to DoubleDoodles which he called TriDoodles.

The thought of creating a wonderful and highly intelligent and trainable dog companion with allergy friendly, non shedding coat is being continued by a number of highly qualified, conscientious Breeders.

 Labradoodle Breeders across the US and Australia have made the Labradoodle what it is today.

The very first Labradoodle was Poodle & Lab only and the best genetically.